Summer House was a week long residency hosted by Nicole Lavelle in her family cabin located in Lagunitas, CA. Gathering fellow creatives of all types, we spent a week under the redwoods making, talking, and being together.

Under the moniker of Sunset Club, I lead three outings to watch the sunset in various nearby locations. In the spirit of the ongoing project, I wanted to pull people away from the insular world of cosy cabin for small moments of awe together.

I limited advertising of the outings by word of mouth around the cabin and a posted sign on the fridge, to create atmosphere of ease and willingness-based participation. I placed various photographs from previous outings inconspicuously throughout the cabin, using common place frames and unobtrusive sizes (3x5” to 8x10”). I also created a number of 1” metal pins for people to take away.

More about Summer House here

Lavelle family cabin (1).jpg

Pins stamped while on location for people to take

Location 2, Drakes Beach, Point Reyes. We cooked dinner in the van.

Location 3, San Geronimo Hill