Frontier Fellow, August, 2011

During my stay, I began a long term project documenting the town in both the winter and summer months to contrast the flux of traffic that Green River experiences in the summer months. I will be traveling there again this September to complete the series by documenting the biggest draw of the town throughout the year, the annual Melon Days.

In addition, I created works in reaction to the place as my time unfolded. I collected artifacts from the desert floor while wandering, created drawings featuring swamp coolers and reflecting how the people of town interact with each other.

Finally, in contribution to the Epicenter, I gave a small lecture to introduce people to film photography. I also design and implemented the identity of their newly completed office. This included hand painted lettering on the frontage, vinyl lettering on the glass doors, and a scale map of the area on the entry portal. The Epicenter is the first building adjacent to the Amtrak station and often serves as sort of an informational kiosk to travelers.

The Epicenter is a non profit focused in Green River, UT focused on the enrichment of their community via housing and design. As a way of bringing more creativity, thought, and community to this place, they began the Frontier Fellowship in 2011.

Learn more about the Fellowship at or the great people of the Epicenter who facilitate the program at

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From the series "Seasonal"

A series comparing the winter and summer in Green River. View Series

Driftwood sculpture at Swayse Beach

Adapted from previous exhibition.

Desert Artifacts

Collected while out away from town throughout my residency.

Interpretations of life in Green River

Two, 11x17 felt pen drawings on bristol

Building Identity

Hand painted frontage, vinyl lettering, hand drawn area map

Area Topo Map

Graphite drawn topo map of Green River and surrounding area, approx. 3' x 11'

Vinyl Installation

Nick Zdon peeling back paper on vinyl