Local 123 — Berkeley, CA — April 2013

In collaboration with Iris Alden and Justin Carder.

We decided to make a show about feeling overwhelmed, because we were. We were feeling scared, excited, contemplative, wordy, catchy, bummed out, anxious, affected—well, to make it simple, overwhelmed. So we decided to put it on paper, or things, with whatever mediums felt good. And then it all came together on some walls curated by Alex Case.

Wall 2 of 5

Wall 1 of 5

Nothing much really sold, a few pieces, but it felt damn good to have it up on the wall. Felt good to have it outside of us. Something kind of felt different and new. I'd hit a speed bump (literally, while riding my bike) and broken my thumb during the making of the show. Everything felt really different and new.

Wall 3 of 5

Oh, Justin and I lived together at the time. While the show was up, the landlord gave us notice that he'd be selling the house and asked us to leave. At the last party we had we all having such a good time that we decided it'd be good to let go of what we had already let go of and gave away a lot of the drawings.

The Party, note the drawings on the floor there

Nearly everything we laid out on the floor of Justin's empty room was swiped up over the course of the night. Even the things I put in this shop that didn't make the cut for the show. It was a good feeling, a departure again, but now friends and strangers alike could enjoy those words, those feelings, those moments, those thoughts, those ideas for themselves. Take it their own way.

This is what is left now.