You're not behind glass, you're not speeding by with wheels beneath you. You're not so focused on signals, street signs, or mirrors. You're only distracted by the things you are tuned into, by sounds here and there, by people hustling to and fro, passing you as if you're standing still. Between these buildings, on these sidewalks lining busy streets, you feel like you could be invisible. You're apart of it but as an observer. You are led by light, by wanting to climb that giant hill just to see what is on top of it, what is on the other side of it, or by that place that had a nice cup of coffee that one time. You're just walking to walk.

Around Town is an ode to a place that I lived for a long stretch of my adult life. A place where I came of age, in many ways, and eventually had to leave as a new industry pushed its way into a neighborhood that I myself pushed into as I arrived.

Selection of 30 images from the series that were exhibited at Ritual Coffee in 2013. View more here.